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App And Web Development

App And Web Development

We have assembled a team of the best and brightest minds in software development giving our clients access to the most cutting-edge technology. Our expert team is fully capable of giving you something unique that will help grow your business. We are excited to work on your new mobile and web apps, and we want to make sure you’re satisfied with our our services.
Technical Product Research

Technical Product Research

We cover the complete process of exploring and bringing a new product to market as companies usually need to develop continuous practices and strategies to better satisfy customer requirements and to increase their own market share by a regular development of new and innovative products. Technical Product Research is an ingenious , technology-driven process in which we can create wireframes and outline the structural core of your app or digital product according to your requirements.
Product Support And Maintenance

Product Support And Maintenance

Our product support and maintenance services help your product achieve traction, improve adoption and sustain success by serving delightful customer experiences. We cut costs of maintaining older versions of the product, reduce time and effort investment in customer & issue handling, rapidly improve product performance and focus on fostering continuous innovation.
UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Investing in quality designs from the beginning means increased user engagement which can ultimately lead to higher ROI. Leaving the mobile application user experience design as an afterthought can cost you heavily therefore a solid well thought user interface design is essential. We deliver premium User Experiences by developing highly flexible, scalable, responsive, and user-friendly applications for all platforms, essentially this is what makes a product easy to use and desirable.


From creating new brands to total brand makeovers, we know how to break the spell of the status quo and win your audience. We design iconic logos and visual identities that cut through the noise and express who you are. Designing and building beautiful sites that connect with your audience and sell your products and services is our main goal. We have mastered differentiating brands in the actual noisy markets.If you need to increase profits or get market attention, we’re here to help
Marketing And Strategy

Marketing And Strategy

We conceptualize and develop launch campaigns that intrigue your audience and compel them to act.We art direct and produce photoshoots, video projects, and marketing materials to fully realize your brand. We design instagram-worthy packaging and POS that engages, motivates people to buy and gets people talking.

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We regularly upload new free apps to our website, which are fully accessible to our clients and subscribers. You can also find o ut about free apps in our blog.

Every app we develop has built-in social support that allows you to stay connected to your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks.

Every customer of Charlie Apps can get access to our friendly and qualified support via chat or phone. Fell free to ask us any question!

All our apps are designed and developed to have great usability in order to easily operate our applications. That is why our software has high ratings and lots of recognition worldwide.

Enterprise Solutions

We help organizations work smarter and grow faster by deliver Big Data consulting and development services tailored to corporate’s needs. Reach out to us to build effective systems, reduce costs, and manage risk.

Systems And Cloud Integration

integrated solutions that connect applications and services on-premises and in the cloud. Bring your business workflows together so they’re consistent and scalable. Seamlessly integrate your on-premises applications, data, and processes across your enterprise with us

Software Security Consulting

With the number of known and unknown malware that companies receive daily, it is imperative to continuously improve the state of your security, understanding this challenge requires expert guidance. We can help you understand your threat environment and recommend how best to improve your security architecture.

Backend And API Development

Analysis of backend infrastructure to create the best and more efficient end points “API’s” that guarantee fast responses, low pay loads of data and secure encrypted communications. At Charlie Apps, we can create custom backends from start with all the components required or embed our APIs into your existent backed.

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